Live Band for Hire Portland Oregon

Come swing... dance, polka, salsa with us!

Your event will be unforgettable!

Whether you choose the tight sounds of The Dr. T Band’s six-piece ensemble, expand to the rich pallet of the nine-piece, or the dazzling tonal landscape of the 17-piece band… Your event will be unforgettable!

Unique to Portland and the Pacific Northwest region, The Dr. T Band provides free of charge custom arrangements for your party or special event. Whether you are hosting a family celebration, corporate function, national holiday event, or theme-based gala, Dr. T can provide you with a made-to-order arrangement.

The best dancers know that with The Dr. T Band all the critical dance tempos and rhythms will be spot on whether you are a swing, Latin, ballroom, or western dancer! band for hire portland oregon

The Seventeen Piece Big Band

The Six Piece Band

The Dr. T Band, live band for hire portland oregon

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