History: Dr. T and His Orchestra - The Dr. T Story

The musical roots of the Dr. T Band run deep...

Dr. T and Robin

The Dr. T Band was originally known throughout the Northwest as Dr. T and His Orchestra. From 1980 until his retirement, Dr. George Timmons led this well-known big band. Timmons was a life-long musician all the while working in the field of education. Early in his career, he was a public school educator, but upon completion of a PhD from the University of Oregon, he moved into college administration and teaching at Portland State University. 

Timmons’ roots in music ran deep. In 1937, Timmons enlisted in the National Guard, and in 1940 was transferred into the regular army and served in the 41st Division where he was part of an elite army band. Following WW II, he returned to his home state of Oregon where he quickly resumed his musical pursuits both with his own bands and in joining regional elites. 

Following his early retirement from PSU, Timmons developed an innovative “book” of arrangements for his new endeavor: Dr. T and His Orchestra.  This six-piece, nine-piece, and 17-piece big band delighted audiences for decades. Working closely with noted composer and arranger, Russ Broms, he created the Dr. T Library. There are over 500 arrangements in this repository. In 2013, George Timmons passed away. His devotion, however, to music and the big band era lives on through his daughter and the new Dr. T. Band.